1963 International G.T. Championship, Daytona

1963 American Challenge Cup Qualifying Race held on Sunday February 10, 1963.

Front Page of the Local Newspaper (Click to enlarge)

Lead Corvettes are driven by Junior Johnson and Rex White.  Paul Goldsmith is in the Tempest.


Warm Up Lap rear view.  Olds is the pace car.



Finishing Position Car Number Driver Car
1 3 Junior Johnson 1963 Corvette Stingray

2 4 Rex White 1963 Corvette Stingray

3 50 Paul Goldsmith 1963 Tempest

4 31 Doug Hooper 1963 Corvette Stingray

5 147 Johnny Allen 1962 Corvette

6 14 Bill Krause 1963 Corvette Stingray

7 8 Dick Lang 1963 Corvette Stingray (DNF -tires)

Distance: Five Laps, 12.5 Miles
Time: Four Minutes, 39.40 Seconds
Average Speed: 161.059 MPH
Fastest Single Lap: Second, 162.220

Basic GPa provides some interesting info on the race final (held the following weekend):
From what I have been able to learn, Junior Johnson practiced the car, but didn't like the way it handled so he got out of the car and was replaced by Bill Krause. The story continues that Rex White came in during the rain soaked American Challenge Cup and declined to go further. Mickey Thompson then got in and completed a few laps before the suspension gave out, supposedly the last time he drove a car in competition. Both cars had Chevrolet's new 427 "Mystery Motors". The next day in the Continental, Krause continued behind the wheel of the #4 Corvette, but Doug Hopper substituted for White in #3. There is some debate about these cars as records indicate that Krause and Hooper also practiced in Corvettes bearing "T" designations, usually used for spare cars.


Basic GPa said...

I am researching the Pontiacs Ray Nichols entered in the 1962 & 1963 Daytona continentals. They were Tempests & LeMans. The 63 car is in the middle of the pack in the photo of Lang's Corvette. Do you have any other pictures? There is a Buick Riviera at the end of the group. Assume this is a pace car. Any other thoughts? Mike

Todd said...

Hi Mike. My only photos from that day are posted on this article.