1962 Daytona Speedway

January 27-28, National Championship Race; Daytona International Speedway.

Finished 16th overall (including other classes).  Dad drove in this car down to the track with a friend.

SCCA National Daytona [AP+BP+BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]
(Race Results)
Div.FinishDriverCar ModelCar #Comments
CM1stAlan ConnellMaserati Tipo 6151st in C Mod.
CM2dHarry HeuerChaparral 1 Chevrolet00
EM3rdBob HolbertPorsche 718141st in E Mod.
CM4thArt HuttingerLister - Corvette24
EM5thChuck CasselPorsche 71816
AP6thDoug ThiemFerrari 250 GT77lst in A prod.
AP7thDick ThompsonCorvette11
BP8thEd LowtherCorvette12
FM9thJoseph HoppenPorsche 550 Spyder421st in F Mod.
AP10thRalph SalyerCorvette25
FM11thBob Staples (USA)Porsche RS21
CM12thBob SpoonerDoane Special33
AP13thBob BrownCorvette41
CM14thArt HabersinChevrolet Healey Roadster69
AP15thGrady DavisCorvette111
AP16thDick LangCorvette85Bad Tires
AP17thJerry DunbarEdwards Mk.732

Racing against a Cooper Monaco (#44).  Why are they driving clockwise?

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Louis said...


In 1962 they used to run SCCA Regional and National races clockwise at the Speedway. This allowed them to utilize the infield course and part of the high banks but not all of the high banks. Some thought that having the small SCCA sports cars going flat out on the full high banked course was a recipe for trouble.