1971 Daytona

January 30, 1971
At the Daytona International Speedway, the Daytona 24 Hours race results:
3rd in GT +2500 class: John Greenwood, Allan Barker, and Dick Lang in the #50 Corvette.
Chevrolet Corvette – Chevrolet 427 V8 6997cc N/A GT+2.5; Front-engined
Colors: white/dark blue/red Tyres: Goodyear
Result: 10th (3rd in GT class).

Not a bad finish considering they had to put a transmission in the car during the race. Lang noticed the transmission was bad as soon as he started driving (the 3rd shift). They replaced the transmission after Lang's shift. Lang reports the car did fine except when hung up in traffic. Barker blamed Lang, but Chevy officials reported that the transmission was taken "right out of the crate" without checking the transmission for filings, etc. A shame.

A picture of this very cool car can be viewed here.
Greenwood was famous for his red, white and blue race cars.

Click HERE to view the Daytona program cover.
Truescale Minatures makes an excellent 1/43 scale model of this car which can be purchased on ebay or from diecast dealers.  More about the 1/43 version: http://www.tsm-models.com/tsm/store/product/33

Here is the same car on the Cover of Corvette News (7/31):

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