1968 Riverside

5th Annual American Road Race of Champions
NOVEMBER 21 - 24, 1968
SEDAN A SATURDAY, November 23 1:30 p. m.

52 Dick Lang, Xenia, Ohio Camaro 1-CE

Lang wins the SCCA Sedan A National Championship at Riverside, CA.
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Old results listing here.

Pre-Race Prep.  Next to the Camaro is a black Mustang and a yellow Dodge Dart.

December 14, 1968 Autoweek Cover featuring Dick Lang winning in #52 Camaro

Racing John Martin's factory AMC Javelin

camaro #52 riverside (Champion Ad)
Racing winning Camaro from a Champion Spark Plug advertisement

Here's the full Champion Spark Plug Ad from Road and Track Magazine in 1968.

Lang with posing with his newly won National Championship Trophy (along with Dick Smothers).

Posing with Smothers and his race "team" (including his wife Judy in the green dress)

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