1969 Daytona

The 24 Hours of Daytona (Feb 2, 1969)

Click here to read Owens-Corning Racing's newsletter regarding the preparations for the 1969 Daytona Race.

(The following is a quote from a self-decribed "BMW fanatic working in a Porsche Pit.")
At 3:08 pm on a warm sunny Saturday afternoon the green flag dropped and 62 snarling creations of metal, plastics, rubber and other assorted components began the 24 hours of Daytona. Exactly 24 hours later, 26 cars took the checkered flag behind Chuck Parsons in the Penske Hilton Lola T70, and those 24 hours became part of history. And in the sunshine, the victorious gladiators were drinking champagne and laughing, forgetting for the moment the tension, the sadness, the tiredness and the monotony of all those hours of racing.
Weeks and months of effort and experiment were over, although sooner for some than anticipated, as "to finish" became the name of the game. For a Maserati Berlinetta, the finish was before the start, as he pitted on the pace lap, and retired. On the 23rd lap, an Owens Corning Fiberglass Corvette driven by Tony De Lorenzo (co-driver-Dick Lang, Xenia, Ohio) had a flat tire, and while in the pits, the fuel pump ignited, burning the rear of the car seriously enough to become the first running retirement of the race.

66 Tony DeLorenzo / USA Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Owens Corning Fiberglass DNF-Fire GT+5.0 Dick Lang / USA - DND

*Dick Lang didn't get to drive because the fire occured before he got a chance.

daytona fire-after 1969
[The tall guy at the top left of the photo of the car after the fire is Dick Lang --looking glum]

Click here to view model car from midlantic models based on that corvette.

An Owens-Corning Newsletter describes the events in detail. Click here to view the complete page.

According to the newsletter, DeLorenzo and Lang moved over to the team's other corvette (#67) and took over. Lang moved the car up to 11th place and then DeLorenzo took over for Lang and moved it up to 10th before he wrecked it into the wall after a blown tire caused him to lose control.  (The flat was caused by crash debris on the track)


The end of the day:
#67 after hitting wall

Oh, here's a picture of actor James Garner at Daytona.

Nice story in Corvette Magazine on the success of Thompson and DeLorenzo with the Owens-Corning team:   Corvette Magazine Story

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